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Selected Funded Projects

  • 12/2023-03/2024: SILKVISION Pathfinder Preparation Project, Christine Radtke, Sarah Stadlmayr, Anna Rising, Benjamin Schmuck, Emiliano Lepore, Moses Kakanga
  • 2024-2028: How tumor cells could rescue repair Schwann cells from denervation-induced senescence, Austrian Science Fund (FWF stand alone) by Tamara Weiss, project identifier: PAT5005523
  • 2023: Olfactory ensheathing cells for spinal cord injury: Discovering distinct differences in two subtypes of these glial cells, Bürgermeister Fond, by Lorenz Semmler und Flavia Millesi, project number: 23166
  • 2021: “Du bist was du isst” – How the eating behavior of Schwann cells could improve the regeneration of injured human nerves, Hochschuljubiläumsfonds der Stadt Wien, by Tamara Weiss, project number: H-401746/2021
  • 2021: Spider silk fibers in combination with hydrogels as an innovative new approach to cell transplantation therapy for spinal cord injury, Bürgermeister Fond, by Lorenz Semmler und Flavia Millesi
  • 2021–2024: The optimal conduit for nerve regeneration, Austrian Science Fund (FWF), by Christine Radtke, Flavia Millesi and Lorenz Semmler
  • 2020: Motoric endplate reinnervation and axonal regeneration using experimental adipose stem cell transplantation, Bürgermeister Fond by Paul Supper
  • 2020–2023: Understanding the acceptance of spider silk by Schwann cells, Austrian Science Fund (FWF), by Christine Radtke and Aida Naghilou and Helga Lichtenegger (BOKU)
  • 2019–2022: Prevention of perineural adhesions using human amniotic membrane. Lorenz Boehler Fonds (LBF), by Christine Radtke and Angela Lemke
  • 2018–2022: Adipose tissue derived stem cells as therapeutic approach for peripheral nerve regeneration, Allgemeine Unfallversicherungsanstalt (AUVA), by Christine Radtke